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Time to Strike a Pose: Wedding Day Photo Tips

November 19, 2022

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wedding day photo tips and tricks pawfect for you

If you have a pet that loves posing for the camera, you’re definitely not one of many. Most dogs tend to be a bit camera shy. You’ll likely be too busy to try to encourage them during wedding day photos. The good news is, we qualify as doggy grin masters and are happy to help get those perfect shots. Check out a few ways below that we can help ensure your pup is inclined to pose on your wedding day.

Tasty Incentives:

The first step is finding a favorite treat that will be likely to get your pal’s attention. While any treat will do, it’s a lot easier if it’s something soft (like turkey or chicken). Dry treats tend to make a mess and leave your furry friend spending more time chewing than posing. After learning your pet’s favorite treat, we make sure to have those on hand to get your dog’s attention during pictures. 

Favorite Toy:

While most pets respond to treats as incentives, there are some who are not motivated by treats. If that’s the case, we can try to use a toy to get their attention in a similar way. If your pet has a favorite toy, that can be used to get their attention. Please be sure to have it handy (if we’re meeting you with your dog) or have it packed with their items (if we’re bringing your pet to you).

Easy Distractions:

We have a few more tricks up our sleeves that don’t require a physical incentive. Sometimes it’s not even necessary to have an actual treat or toy; we can use sound as a distraction. We also carry around treat bags because the noise is often enough to get their attention. If your furry friend is not motivated by treats or toys, we will discuss other ways to get their attention.

No matter what trick we use, our goal is always to get your pet’s attention so that they are happy and posing for the camera. While your four-legged friend may be inclined to be camera shy, we will be there to encourage them and help your photographer get those too-cute shots that will be a lasting part of your wedding day memories.







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