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Including Your Pet in Your Ceremony: A How-to Guide

July 5, 2021

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including your dog in your ceremony

Now that you’ve decided to include your pet in the ceremony, you may be wondering how to make it happen. There are several different options you may want to consider. It really depends on how much you want your furry friend to participate, the rules of the venue where you’re hosting the wedding and the willing participation of your wedding party.

Participation Timing:

The first question is when you want your dog to make a walk down the aisle. Do you want them going down the aisle right before the bride or at the very beginning? Part of this is also deciding how long you’d like your pooch to be standing at the front of the auditorium. Knowing the patience of your pet and their capacity for public displays can make a big difference in coming to the right decision.

Venue Details:

By now, you’ve surely checked with your venue to ensure that you can bring your pet to the ceremony. As you make decisions on how to include them, be sure to note any rules and restrictions that the venue has laid out so that there aren’t any issues or missteps. For example, can your dog sit at the front of the aisle or do they have to come in and out? Use this information to help you plan your timeline and the actual walk down the aisle.

Participating Bridal Party:

Many couples have a bridesmaid or groomsman take the dog down the aisle. If they are well behaved, they stay up at the front with the rest of the bridal party. If your dog is likely to run back in the other direction, your pet sitter can meet them at the front and take a walk while you are getting married. You can also use the pet walk as a way to include young family members (who are not in the bridal party) in the ceremony. For a super cute photo op, some couples will ask one of their nieces or nephews or a young cousin to walk the dog down the aisle. However, it really depends on your bridal party and your personal preferences. You can ask anyone to participate, just be sure you have a plan for after the ceremony.

Once the ceremony is completed, you may want to take this opportunity for a first walk as a married couple with your pup. Be sure to discuss your preferences with your wedding-day pet sitter so that your fur baby’s inclusion can be just how you pictured it.

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including your dog in your ceremony






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