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01. My wedding was absolutely pawfect! Where can I leave a review?
Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that we were indeed Pawfect For You. Please leave us a review on our Facebook page, and feel free to share your whole experience with us. Future couples will thank you!

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we are continuously improving. Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? If you have any additional comments, please email us and we are more than happy to assist!

02. Our sitter was pawsome! How can I leave them a tip?
First off, congratulations! Thank you so much for your kindness, and allowing us to help you celebrate love. If you're unable to tip them on your wedding day, just send us an email and we'd be happy to provide info to tip after the fact!

I’m finally married!

01. How can I pay? 
There is a link on your invoice to securely enter your payment information. 

02. Do you require a down payment? 
Yes, we require 50% at booking. The down payment helps to secure your wedding date, and ensure our sitter is ready for you. 

03. When is the final payment due?
The final amount is due two week prior to the wedding. It alleviates the need for payment reminders on your special day when you should be enjoying your time! 

04. Is there a payment schedule? 
We require 50% at booking to reserve your date and sitter. The final payment is due two weeks before the wedding. If you would like a more detailed payment schedule, we can put one together for you at no additional cost.

05. What is your cancellation policy? 
If you cancel after booking and more than 60 days before your date, we will refund any funds minus the 50% down payment. 

06. I love this idea! But, I’m really far from your sitters. Is there another way to meetup?
We are happy to accommodate meetups with 50 miles of our sitters at a location of your choosing (home, park, etc). For meetups outside the radius, we may ask that we meet at a pet-friendly location between you and the sitter to simplify the process.

07. Why is there a fee for the meet and greet?
Virtual meet and greets are free! Physical meet and greets are also included in our packages. If you choose to schedule a meet and greet prior to booking a package, there is a $50 fee to facilitate our meetups. Of course, if you choose to book a package after the meetup, the $50 will be credited to your final invoice.

08. I would like to speak with some of your former clients (the pet owners, not the pet). 
No problem, just let us know and we will put you in touch with the pet owner(s). 

09. I'm having a destination wedding and I want to bring my pet. What do you provide for this scenario?
This can get tricky, but of course we're happy to help. Destination weddings bring a new set of questions into play - plane transportation, country the country's animal control regulations, the resort rules, etc. We'd be happy to do the research for you and provide you with an estimate. If it turns out that it’s too expensive to travel with your pet to your wedding location, we would be more than happy to watch your pet while you’re away.

Payment Details

01. What happens if my timeline and/or needs change between now and the wedding day?
Not to worry! This happens a lot actually. We understand that timelines are never set in stone. When I was planning my own wedding, some details may change between now and the wedding day. Rest assured, we’ll discuss any changes during the final call or sooner, and we’re happy to adjust the details and invoice at that time.

02. What is a final coordination meeting?
We will have a video meeting with you  3 weeks in advance of your wedding date, so that we have all the details we need and can make any necessary changes to make sure your day goes smoothly.

03. Have any additional questions?
Follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to see our past couples. You can message us directly there, or reach out via phone or email! Whatever works best for you.

After Booking Questions

01. What is Pawfect For You?
Essentially, our business allows couples to have the luxury of incorporating their pet(s) into their wedding day in whatever way that is best - after a detailed assessment of the pet and couple through a meet & greet. We eliminate any and all burdens associated with caring for the pet by allowing the wedding party and guests to enjoy the festivities, while our trained staff attend to every need to spoil your pet. 

So, you bring random pets to weddings?
No! We help couples bring their special furry family members to their wedding celebration.

02. Why Pawfect For You?
Booking a professional service like Pawfect For You ensures that you will not have to worry about one little thing! With hundreds of weddings under our belt, I’ve thought of every possible thing and know every preventable measure to take, so that the wedding goes smoothly!

Each couple’s experience is going to be completely different, customized to what you and your pet’s needs are. Not to mention that it’s difficult to find someone who you can trust to take care of your furry family member. Your wedding party should enjoy the wedding festivities, leave the rest to us! From belly rubs to potty breaks, our highly trained team is ready to do it all, so all you have to do is create memories that last a lifetime.

03. Do you only provide service for cats & dogs?
Pawfect For You accepts all animals in all shapes and sizes! Not gonna lie, we’ve been dying to help a client with a teacup pig. Aren’t they the cutest? 

If you are still unsure, just reach out!

04. My pet still has that puppy energy! Can I still bring them to the wedding?
Our team is trained to handle and wrangle even the most energetic of pets. We love that they have a little extra personality. As a part of our process, we require a Meet & Greet with all of our clients’ pets to assess their personality and needs.

Our primary goal is to create an experience that is safe and enjoyable for both the couple and the pet. So, all of our packages are customizable to each couple because we know not all pets are created equally. Some may handle the ceremony perfectly, while others may only go to the photoshoot.

If this is one of your concerns, feel free to give us a bark! I’d love to chat about the best option for you and your fur baby.

05. What if I want a service that is not listed on your Services list?
You have nothing to lose by sending us an email :) We try to meet every client's needs, so let us know what we can do for you!
06. Will you work with my wedding coordinator / planner? 
Absolutely! We’d love to.

07. What process do you sitters go through prior to hiring? 
Great question! Every sitter must apply and interview directly with the owner who has high standards. In addition to an interview, all sitters must pass a background check (including a motor vehicle report, since they will be driving your pet around). I personally trust each of my sitters in caring for my own pet, JakeBear. Most of our sitters are also dog parents, and are well versed in giving out additional kisses.

08. I'm interested. How do I start? 
Pawsome! Please fill out our booking request form or give me a call to get started! Tell us about your plans, what you need, or simply just reach out for ideas! After nearly one hundred weddings, we are always on the pulse of new and innovative ideas to incorporate your pet! After the initial steps, we'll build a custom quote just for you!

General Questions

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