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Lindsay currently lives in Hoboken and she is excited to care for your dogs on your big day. She grew up in Georgia with her family’s labs, but she loves dogs of all breeds and sizes. When she’s not working her full time job as a flight attendant, Lindsay enjoys traveling on her own, arts and crafts, and discovering new hiking trails. In addition to her full time job, Lindsay also enjoys walking and boarding Hoboken dogs through Rover. Your wedding is a memorable day, and Lindsay looks forward to helping your pets play a part.

Lindsay - hoboken, nj

Lindsay - hoboken, nj

Kathleen - new milford, NJ

Kathleen goes by Kat, but don't be mistaken, she loves dogs! Especially, with no bias of course, her rescue pup Lani (also known as Stinky Bum, Silly Goose, and Lani Banani, just to name a few). Kathleen has volunteered with Best Friends Animal Society and Barc Shelter in Brooklyn and has read more books than she can count on dog behavior so she can give her fur baby the best life possible. Kathleen is also a creative, a storytelling artist, striving to enrich lives, connecting people, and bringing a positive impact through her art.

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Gerry admits that she spoils her dog rotten. However, all the love she receives in return is well worth it. A dog lover from early childhood, she has been blessed with lots of love from many different breeds. Her spoiled rotten pooch is a 160 pound St. Bernard named Poitin. Poitin believes she is a lapdog and yes provides Gerry with lots of her love juice, sometimes called drool. But that’s her baby. Through Pawfect for you, Gerry looks forward to caring for your pup and sharing your day in this very special way.  


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